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Fitness Kings has partnered with TotalPTFitness to bring you the very best in online personal training. With an extensive library of over 500 exercises plus 200 recipes that includes over 25,000 foods in the database, your fitness and nutritional needs are covered! Fitness Testing is also included so that are clients progress can be tracked

How Physical Activity Benefits Children

Our bodies were designed to move and therefore need to be exercised in order to maintain proper health. Due to the increase of technology over the recent years, however, the activity levels of people have declined and life has become more sedentary. The excessive sitting of Americans increases the rate of heart disease, metabolic disease,

Ten Healthy Changes to Make Today

People face an alarming number of unhealthy variables every day. These items pose a health risk, especially when accumulated throughout time. With the use of extensive chemicals in products and ever-evolving electronics, there are a lot of everyday items that may hurt your body and are best to be avoided. Here are ten items that

How To Promote Muscle Growth Between Workouts

Most people think that muscles develop and grow during a training session. Actually, it is during the periods between workouts that stimulate muscle growth. With proper rest between sessions, the muscles cannot repair themselves properly, which will hinder any growth. Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., C.S.C.S, states that in order to gain strength more quickly, pack on

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