• Corporate & Personal Trainer
• NFPT, CPR/AED Certified
• Natural Body Building
• Multi-Disciplinary
• Over 20 Years Experience

As the founder and CEO of Fitness Kings Mobile Training Systems, Eddie King is fulfilling his lifelong passion for fitness and healthy living. Previously, Eddie was an on-site personal trainer for Anytime Anyplace Fitness where he discovered the mobile training system business model, which he adopted for Fitness Kings.
While obtaining a visual arts degree at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Eddie was a certified aerobics instructor for the Downtown Athletic Club and earned numerous certifications. As a result of his unique ability to motivate people, he was soon appointed head operations manager for Bally Total Fitness. During this time, he competed in several natural bodybuilding shows, earning an award every time.
Raised by military parents, Eddie learned the importance of self-discipline at an early age and applied it to this high school athletics where he competed and excelled in many sports. He discovered sports was also a great way to meet and make friends wherever the family was stationed and has incorporated this idea of bonding through fitness into his group training sessions.
Eddie personally interviews each trainer, matching them with the appropriate clients to create the most supportive and challenging atmosphere yielding the best results. He also networks with local health professionals (both traditional and holistic) to create a comprehensive referral system for his clients.

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