Corporate & Personal Trainer
• Bachelor of Fine Arts
• Former Dancer With NYC Opera
• NASM, CPR/AED, PEAK Pilates Certified
• Strength, Core, Cross-Fit Training
• Over 25 Years Experience

Leslie started dancing at the age of four, beginning her passion for dance and fitness. Her family continued to nurture her passion and she attended the High School of the Performing and Visual Arts.
After high school, Leslie earned a Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. After earning her degree, she wanted to test her dancer’s resolve and go to the one place she knew would challenge her the most – New York City. During this time she danced with several major dance companies, including the New York City Opera.
After fulfilling her dancing dreams, Leslie opened her own gym. However, managing her own place was not as fulfilling as she had hoped. It was then that Leslie decided to share her passion with others who just needed a little “push.” She realized that personal training not only kept her on her toes, but also allowed her to help others make great strides in their physical conditioning. It gives Leslie a thrill to see her clients meet their goals and feel good about them.

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